Bazeer denies charges leveled against him by LTTE

By Udara Soysa Reporting to Asian Tribune

[b]London, 13 December, ( [/b]Nitharsanam, the official online news outlet of the LTTE’s intelligent group led by Pottu Amman alias Sivasankaran, in its latest bid to create more tension between the Tamil and Muslim communities, has kicked started a new campaign targeting prominent Muslim individuals in the East.
S.M.M Bazeer, a lawyer by profession and a prominent political commentator from the Eastern Sri Lanka, currently residing in UK has become the first victim of the devious propaganda as the LTTE web site claimed that Bazeer as the Osama Bin Laden's man in Eastern Sri Lanka.
Bazeer at presently resides in London in a statement issued to Asian Tribune denied the allegation made by the LTTE’s intelligence agency’s website hosted in the cyber space by a proxy server.
Bazeer in his statement said, "I condemn the fictitious news that appeared in the Nitharsanm Web on 9th December 2005 that I am connected to the Osama Group based in the eastern part of Sri Lanka, and I was in the background of a plot to issue handbills in Jaffna Peninsula to evacuate Muslims."
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