“…A mass killer, a political fanatic, a manipulator of the national hunger for peace , and 
probably the sole reason why thousands die almost every year in a conflict going no where”
Christopher Thomas (The Times 24th July 1996)

In the backdrop of Sri Lankan Forces closing in on the Tigers in Mullaitheevu, the Diaspora Tamil community seems to be increasingly paranoia stricken.  The Tamil Diaspora is relatively keen on protecting the “Tigers” from extinction rather than protecting the civilians who are caught between the LTTE and the Forces. As usual the Tamil Diaspora has used the affliction of the victims of war to justify the LTTE’s struggle without having the guts to demand the LTTE to release the civilians who are used as human shields by them. It appears that the Diaspora is masquerading the voice of the war victims whilst gearing up their march for “Tamil eelam” in different formats.  The Diaspora community in Britain has back up from British ministers and MP’s to set sail their ship, “Vanangaman” (Unyielding soil) to take relief goods to the so called Eelam. Former LTTE deputy leader Kittu Sathasivam Krishnakumar) also sailed to “eelam” in an allegedly arms loaded ship, M.V Ahat in 1993  from a European country and committed suicide with some of his colleagues on board when the Indian navy intercepted their ship and the ship was also set ablaze.  “Vanangaman” is also named cryptically as   “Vananga-man”, (Unyielding -man ) to represent Pirabakaran as an unyielding- man who would not surrender to the Sri Lankan forces.  

Nonetheless, the bottom-line of the Diaspora and their allies is that the Tigers should somehow be saved from extinction.  It is an interesting coincidence that the WWF (World Wildlife Forum) has also issued an appeal seeking for donations in order to protect the tigers that are facing extinction. For me, it seems that the WWF appeal is in every aspect similar to the appeal of the Tamil Diaspora that strives to protect the two legged “Tigers” who also ironically face extinction. The WWF appeal may now serve dual purposes and may help the Tamil Diaspora in their campaign on protecting the two legged “Tigers”.
The end game of the war has generated many scenarios. In the event where Pirabakaran is caught what would Pirabakaran do?  According to Tamil Classical literature a Chera King would prefer to die of thirst, rather being alive at the mercy of his captors.  “Pura Nanooru” (Thanks to S. Siriskhandarajha for his English rendering) describes a preference of a Chera King thus.
If a Child of my clan should die
If it is born dead
A mere gob of flesh
Not yet human
They will put it to the sword
To give the thing
A warriors death
Will such a king
Bring a Son into this world
To be kept now
Like a dog at the end of a chain
Who must beg
Because of a fire in the Belly
For lap drop of water
And lap up a beggars drink
Brought by jailers
“Friends” who are not friends.
( Pura Naanooru 74)
Would Pirabakaran rather die of thirst than drink water “like a dog”? This question might not arise if he would disappear into thin air as Mullaitheevu falls to the military.  In any event the Pro LTTE Tamil Diaspora prays for the survival of Pirabakaran to take forward their “struggle” wherever Pirabakaran relocates himself.
Photo: Pirabakaran arrested by Madrass (Chennai) police for a shootout incident between him and Uma Maheeswaran in 1982.
In the unlikely event of Pirabakaran being captured by the Sri Lankan army, the Indian government may not renew their demand for extradition as it would create pandemonium in Tamilnadu. Nonetheless, Mahinda’s government, unlike Preamdasa’s government would consider such a demand positively. During the time of honeymoon period between Premadasa and Pirabakaran, The Indian hinted at extradition of Pirabakaran but Premadasa was forthrightly remarked “an elder brother would not hand over a younger brother to neighbour for a misdemeanor.” Mr. Harinder Jeyram recalled in one of his articles in “Indian Today” that the Indian government also turned down a request by the Sri Lankan government to extradite Pirabakaran in 1982. It was not a “tit for tat” action but indeed Pirabakaran was in the lap of Premadasa.What most Sri Lankans, irrespective of their race ,religion or ethnicity,  would prefer for Pirabakaran to be tried at the International Criminal court for all his crimes against humanity.!!,
“ Don’t let me go….. What will you do when I’m gone?

Thenee: 12.04.2009

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