European Diaspora visits Srilanka

European Diaspora visits Srilanka

(July 06, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) A delegation of European Diaspora visited Sri Lanka from 22.06.08 to 28.06.08. They met HE the President of SriLanka - Mahinda Rajapakse and discussed the current political situation in the country: land matters in the Ampara district, Eastern Development, Problems of the Jaffna Muslim IDPs living at Puttalam, resettlement of the Internally Displaced People and communal amity among all three communities.
Prof. TissaVitharana, Chairman APRC, briefed them the current developments in the APRC process.

The delegation visited to the Eastern Provincial Council, Trincomalee and met the Chief Minister and the Minister of Health of Eastern Provincial Council and discussed in detail as to the development plans of the East and necessary fund raising.

The Mayoress and the members of the Batticaloa Municipal Council at special meeting of the Council freely expressed their views and opinions on many topics: democratization, security, inter communal feelings, allocation of funds etc.

The Vice Chancellor, University lecturers and student Union leaders of the Eastern University of Sri Lanka –Vantharamullai, expressed their desire to make conducive environment for students from all three communities to study at the Campus. Delegation volunteered to find assistance to expand their activities.

The Federation of Kattankudy Mosque and the Muslim Institutions, the representative of the Chief Minister, Representative from Arayampathi Tamil Community arranged a meeting with the delegation at the Office of the Federation of Kattankudy Mosque and the Muslim Institutions and the delegation exchanged frank, cordial and useful suggestions to foster communal harmony among the Tamils and the Muslims.

The delegation met, Wimal Weerawanse, of the NFF (National Freedom Front) at his party Head quarters in Battaramulla and discussed democratization and the communal harmony and the current political developments. Mr.Muzammil M.P was among those who were present at the discussion.

The delegation also met Dr. Seevali Anunayaka Thero in Colombo who expressed his opinion on several matters of national interest.

Muslim Information Centre (MIC) and the delegation had a useful discussion on providing reliable and accurate information.

The delegation also met civil and youth organizations at Trincomallee. Exchanged views and also offered assistance to improve their sports activities with a view to fostering social cohesion. The delegation also associated with a group of youngsters from Kantalai who does social service to the poor and take part in activities to improve the standard of life of the poor and promotes communal harmony among all three communities at grass root level.

The delegation consisted of Seyed Bazeer (Solicitor), Rajewari Balasubramaniam, A. Kumarathurai, Kumaran and Rauf M. Cassim. They focused on political process to promote peace, communal harmony, Eastern Development, and minority issues.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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