British Prime Minister’s perception on the implementation of Ceasefire Agreement in Sri Lanka disputed

London, 19 March, ( Sri Lankan Muslim Information centre in the United Kingdom while welcoming the British Prime Minister’s concern about the resolution of the Sri Lanka’s national question has expressed their disappointment over his observation, that the only realistic way to solve Sri Lanka’s national question is to fully implement the Ceasefire Agreement (CFA).

The statement revealed, “We, the Muslims from the North and East of Sri Lanka have also been the victims of war because of the civil war in Sri Lanka between the Tamil militants and the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL).”

“The LTTE expelled hundreds of Muslims from their traditional lands in the North and killed scores of them in the East in mosques and villages in order to establish their mono ethnic Tamil home land, Sri Lankan Muslim Information centre in UK pointed out.

The statement explained how the LTTE and the former Sri Lankan Prime Minister, Ranil Wickramasingha conveniently sidelined the Muslim factor by merely referring them to as “groups” in the CFA and consistently refused a third party recognition to a any subsequent peace talks. It further added, “The Muslims who have been expelled from the Northern Province have still been languishing in Refugee camps for well over 16 years. “

The statement further revealed: “The space created by the CFA has not lasted long by the systematic breaches of the LTTE and reprisal action of the Sri Lankan Government. The CFA has literally come to extinction and the Muslims and Tamils of the East have been released from the clutches of the LTTE. A new climate of co existence among the Tamils Muslims and Sinhalese is largely felt across the towns and villages of the eastern province. In the circumstances it is incumbent on the international community, including Britain to urge the Sri Lankan government to address the issues relating to exodus of Tamil refugees in the East and the political aspirations of the people with the consensus of all the political parties and civil societies. “

Sri Lankan Muslim Information centre of UK in conclusion appealed to the prime minister of Britain to curb the pro LTTE activities in the UK under the existing terrorism laws and step up Britain’s support to a political solution with the current realities.

By courtesy: - Asian Tribune -19/03/2007

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