LTTE is Really Proscribed in Britain by Ira de Silva

The British High Commission in Colombo claims that “the LTTE is a proscribed organization in the U.K. Showing support for the LTTE by fundraising, waving flags and other means is a criminal offence”.
Sri Lankans would like to ask the British High Commission to explain why there have been no arrests made, when there have been hundreds of instances that supporters of the LTTE in the U.K. have had fundraising activities supported by British parliamentarians?
Waving LTTE flags are the norm whenever there is a rally, protest march of any type and demonstrations by the supporters of the LTTE in the U.K. The police are seen at these events doing nothing – is it that they are just watching for lack of anything else to do or have they been told not to make arrests when British citizens are committing a criminal offence? Are the police just incompetent or corrupt?

Britain does not miss any opportunity to criticize Sri Lanka and its security forces, makes much noise about law and order, accountability, and transparency yet while claiming that support for the LTTE is a criminal offence has yet to apply its own laws in the U.K. It is well known that the LTTE was and is headquartered in the U.K. Why has the British establishment not taken any action?
It is essential that even now the GOSL ask Britain for accountability and action regarding the encouragement of LTTE supporters based in the U.K. Britain has not acted against the LTTE in the past and Sri Lanka has not pressed them to be accountable in this regard. Will Sri Lanka’s new government demand accountability from the British for their support of the LTTE as a vital part of it’s change in foreign policy?

Sri Lankans who have suffered because of British support for the LTTE expect no less. Based on this statement Sri Lankans look forward to the arrests of many supporters of the LTTE in the U.K., prosecution in British courts and if found guilty sentenced to jail for breaking the law. Until Britain acts to implement its own laws it has no right to criticize other countries particularly Sri Lanka which has been terrorised by the LTTE supported by British citizens.

Courtesy:The Island

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