Sri Lanka has cooked its own goose - Communist Party

The Communist Party of Sri Lanka (CP) issuing a statement on the Geneva issue noted yesterday that Sri Lanka by becoming a co-sponsor of the UNHRC resolution had helped the US with the latter’s subtle moves. The CP said it could not subscribe to the need for foreign elements and that the country’s sovereignty should not be compromised in any manner.

Following is the text of the CPSL statement signed by the party General Secretary D. E. W. Gunasekera:

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka which met on October 10, 2015 considered the Report of the United Nations Human Rights Commission together with the US sponsored resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council.

The UNHCHR Report for 2015 as fundamentally not different from the Reports in respect of the previous years, it was based on an exclusive, external investigation in to the alleged war crimes and violations of human rights.

The striking feature of the US sponsored resolution was the Sri Lanka’s decision to become a co-sponsor to the resolution supplied by a core group of European Countries. Sri Lanka being the concerned party has taken upon itself accountability for the alleged war crimes and violations of human rights. It has also undertaken the responsibility for the implementation of the recommendation contained in the Resolution sponsored by the US.

Sri Lanka by becoming a co-sponsor has helped the US in its subtle move to avoid a division within the Council over the issue. It is relevant to notice that none of the developing countries (Asia, Africa and Latin America) initiated to join the core group that sponsored the Resolution.

The statement made by China and Russia in this regard dearly demonstrate their principled position that they were totally opposed to a country, specific resolution and that Sri Lanka should be allowed to solve their domestic probes without any foreign Interference or intervention or external pressures.

In this connection, the Communist Party of Sri Lanka wishes to reiterate its original position that the government should have expeditiously and effectively implemented the LLRC Report in pursuance of its programme for the post, conflict development rehabilitation – reconciliation.

The commissions and commissions made by the previous government and in particular its failures to implement the recommendations of LLRC Report created conditions for external forces to interfered in to the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

It also paved the way for the forces of extremism both in the North and South of Sri Lanka to re-emerge hindering national reconciliation. It needs to be reminded that the Communist Party together with other left parties and progressive forces within the SLFP successfully aborted the attempt to undermine and effect changes to the 13th Amendment of the Constitution which provide for devolution.

Conscious of the global strategies and geopolitical interests of the Western Powers, the Communist Party prevailed upon the previous Government not to allow conditions to be created for the intervention of the external forces in internal affairs.

In this context, the Communist Part of Sri Lanka is equally conscious of the political and military interventions of the Western Powers in the Middle East causing death and deprivations to the people and physical destruction to the affected countries.

It is in this context, that the Communist Party of Sri Lanka examined the resolution both in letter and spirit. It reiterates its position to demand a domestic inquiry into the allegations and an exclusive domestic mechanism for the purpose. However cannot subscribe or contribute to the need for all foreign element in this respect, Sri Lanka’s sovereignty not be compromised in any manner.

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