EROS MAKES TELEPHONIC THREATS -2008 March 01, London, Sri Lanka Guardian)

(March 01, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) According to news filed in the, on February 26, 2008 numerous telephone calls have been received by a political activist and a lawyer S M M Bazeer in London from Batticaloa threatening dire consequence for writing critical about the EROS. Threat was made following publication of news and views by S M M Bazeer about the EROS over some critical and incorrect comments made by its member in Canada about the Muslims in the East.

The threat had directly come from none other than Rajanathan Prabakaran known as Praba who is the mayoral candidate and the head of EROS’s Eelavar Democratic Front (EDF) contesting the local elections.

According to S M M Bazeer he was threatened of dire consequences by Praba. Praba has also used abusive language to intimidate him. The news stated that Bazeer had received further threats previously from an important functionary of the EROS Raji Nesan following an article written by the victim responding to misleading facts given in a speech made by Nesan in Canada.

Tamil website states that the threat must be considered local election violation and was aimed to muscle persons from expressing free opinion about the election, contestants and parties.

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