The Sunday Leader 17th August 1997

I have been prompted by the series , Muslim perspective  by Omar Khayyam , to look back at my time in
the SLMC politics in the light of the current minority political gimmicks  in Sri Lanka.

In the 1989 general election, half the names of the candidates of the SLMC for the  Batticaloa district  never  showed  their faces to  their fellow  candidates or to their constituency.

In the later years after the 1989 general election a forgery complaint was lodged against a SLMC MP by his  own secretary for allegedly embezzling his salary. This was hushed up without any progress being made despite the fact that the thalaivar seemed to have rolled up his sleeves at the outset to teach the MP a lesson.

I recollect how  the SLMC was conscripting innocent Muslim youths  into the  TNA (Tamil National Army) in the run up to the IPKF’s pull out under  the  then chairman Segu Issadeen’s poetic slogan “ One  Village one battalion” ; ,  and eventually came to terms with their  blunders with the  collapse  of the ill fated TNA.

The leader of the SLMC expressed in an interview aired by Sunrise Radio, London, recently, that peace could be sought by thrusting the government’s peace package on the people without the LTTE, in case  the LTTE  turned  out to be against it. However his MP for Batticaloa is striking a deal with the LTTE and is suddenly insisting on the indispensability of talks with the LTTE  

In the past years it has been evident that the SLMC has lost its argument on many aspects of its political commitment , despite being  successful  at elections like the TULF.

Letters to the editor
From “THE SUNDAY LEADER”  , August 17 , 1997  

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