Cardinal accuses police over Borella church grenade finding- By Rebecca Pavey

LOCALCardinal accuses police over Borella church grenade finding

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has raised concerns over Police investigations into the finding of a hand grenade at the All Saints' Church in Borella.

Speaking to the media today (13), the Cardinal accused the Police of fabricating the story as opposed to seeking the truth.

Speaking of Police investigations into the CCTV footage obtained from the day of the incident, he revealed that Police had only investigated the footage after 3.00 pm on that day, and had disregarded the morning footage entirely, further accusing them of attempting to mislead the investigation.

The Archbishop noted, however, that upon requesting  from the Head Priests, and later watching the footage from that morning, a suspicious individual clad in black had arrived at the church at around 9.25 in the morning,  with an apparent limp.

"Although he made the sign of the cross upon entering the church, as Catholics usually do, we saw that he did it wrong. Later, he looked around and sat at a pew in the back, and instead of praying, he took something out, in a suspicious manner. It looked like he was doing something while bent down. A person who worked at the church later tried approaching him, following which he hastily left the church. The man who entered the church limping, but left the church without a limp", the Cardinal revealed. 

Accusing the Police of arresting innocent people, he said in reference to the arrest of four persons who worked at the church later that day.

The cardinal called the act a façade to cover up a bigger conspiracy, and emphasised that the Police were not not there to act according to the whims of political leaders.

In this light, he alleged that if both the Police Spokesman and the Inspector General of Police are unable to stand up for the truth, "they should be stripped off their uniforms and be sent home"

Source: 13/01/2022

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