N. Korea says Israel turned Gaza into “human slaughterhouse”




The North Korean Foreign Ministry has slammed the occupation state of ‘Israel’ following its 11-day aggression on the Gaza Strip, saying ‘Israel’ has turned Gaza into “a huge human slaughterhouse.”

In a statement on Friday, the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said “Israel’s horrific crime of killing the bud-like children, yet to be bloomed, is a severe challenge to the future of humankind and a crime against humanity.”

“It is no exaggeration to say that the whole Gaza Strip has turned into a huge human slaughterhouse and a place of massacring children,” the ministry continued.

“Soon after the end of the bombardment, [Israel Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and the Israeli authorities are trying to conceal their crime of killing even the children.”


It added that international news outlets are “strongly condemning Israel for continuing to massacre children, pointing at Israel as a culprit of expulsion of Palestinians, illegal settlement expansion and sowing the seeds of hatred by suppressing their peaceful praying ceremony.”

It also accused Israel of “sowing the seeds of hatred by suppressing [the Palestinians’] peaceful praying ceremony,” an apparent reference to Israeli forces violence in the Al-Aqsa Mosque against Palestinians.

19 families in the Gaza Strip have been wiped off the population civil registry during Israel’s 11-day aggression, the Palestinian Health Ministry said, including 41 children and 25 women.

Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip started on May 10 and ended with a ceasefire brokered by mediator Egypt on May 21, killing at least 279 Palestinians, including 69 children and 40 women and injuring 1,910 others.

More than 90,000 Palestinians were displaced from their homes, and much of Gaza’s infrastructure and many residential buildings were completely destroyed or levelled.

Health centres, media offices, as well as schools were among the structures targeted during the 11-days of constant bombardment.


Qudsnen.co Monday, June 7 2021

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