Ravi Karunanayake met with Faiz Musthapa to obtain legal advice as to how to get out of the "Bond Scam".

Ravi Karunanayake being a "very close friend" of Ganassara Thera, it is clear that the suspicion that the anti-Mahinda forces/UNP had a hand in the Aluthgama/Beruwela and other mosque violence's in June 2014, can be assumed as "TRUE",. The delay by the "Yahapalana Government" not to appoint a Presidential Inquiry that was promised in the run-up to the Presidential and General elections up to date confirms the guilt of the present government.

But, the main reason for a peace move to be made by a leading Muslim Lawyer and President's Council was in fact to safeguard Azad Sally, Mujeebu Rahuman and the ACJU/Rizvi Mufti from being hauled before the "Rule-of-Law in the case taken up by the Police/CID on the complaints made by the Ravaya Balaya and the BBS against the above 3 Muslims and which would have ended up in the above Muslims been sent behind bars. With the peace suggestion that this deceptive Muslim lawyer had put in place, it is rumored that BBS will withdraw the police complaint and advice court that an amicable settlement between both parties have been arrived at and there is no need for the Police/CID to proceed with the court case.

This is how these treacherous Muslim so-called leaders hoodwink and deceive the Muslims/Muslim voters in Sri Lanka.

"The Muslim Voice" has continuously warned of these actions vehemently, 
The Muslim community has to be very observant about these hypocrites and not to be misled by them to vote any governmental candidate in any elections who are hypocrites and hood-winkers. The Muslims need a New Political force of their own to contest the forthcoming local and PC election and the general elections in the future, Insha Allah.

  By Mr. NOOR NIZAM  ( "The Muslim Voice" )

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