It is surprising that the international community is debating few issues related to Sri Lanka in Geneva. I’m a Sri Lankan from the North where majority are Tamils who had a miserable and dreadful life due to their ethnicity. I had closely watched and studied what had been going on in Sri Lanka for few decades. I think the International community had misconceived the problems in Sri Lanka.

Representatives from Western countries and from few institutions visit Sri Lanka and meet the leaders of the government and the opposition, the leaders of the main Tamil political party, prominent members of the civil society and Christian priests. They don’t meet the common men among the Tamils who led a dreadful life since the day the Tami youth used the gun to do away with the opponents of the main Tamil political party, the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi. Even if they meet them the truth wouldn’t come out. Tamils wouldn’t tell anything that is favourable to Sri Lankan government or unfavourable to LTTE because of the fear instilled into them. The measures taken by the government to control the struggle carried on by the Tamil politicians and the armed youth made the life of people miserable but the sufferings due to the atrocities of the armed youth were more.

‘As a Tamil who had learned, witnessed and experienced the horrors of the war that was going on in Sri Lanka, I sincerely and whole heartedly thank the valiant soldiers who defeated the LTTE combatants and brought peace in the country’. My conscience doesn’t permit me to agree with the communal minded Tamil politicians and others who say that Tamils were defeated and it was a genocide. It is a known fact that the Sri Lankan army was fighting a war against terrorism. It was fighting to eliminate terrorism from the country. It was fighting to make Sri Lankans live peacefully without the eternal fear of terror. ‘It is unfair and unfortunate for the international community to probe for war crimes against the army that fought to eliminate a heavily armed group within the country which was destroying the country; that killed mercilessly innocent villagers in the midnights, that crudely killed the Prime Minister of India and the President and few Ministers of Sri Lanka; that bombed at Temple, economic centres, bus stands and trains killing many innocent people. The armed group carried out lamp-post killings, torture in the dark under- ground bunkers, conscription of children, kidnaps, extortions, taking over immovable and movable properties, denial of freedom of expression and movements in the areas under their control’. At the war it kept innocent civilians as its shield and sacrificed them and shot them when they ran towards the army controlled area to save themselves. The army had been very helpful according to the civilians I had met. Army had carried the injured people to safer places and hospitals. ‘An injured man whose wife had died in the war told me that a woman soldier came to the hospital in the morning and evening and breast fed his six month old son. We have such humane members in our army. LTTE had weapons that could destroy Sri Lanka completely. It should be noted that two powerful democratic countries had taught the world that it is reasonable to wage war even against a country if there are weapons of mass destruction’. Our country, Sri Lanka, though small, is a sovereign country with an independent Judiciary. ‘It is unfair for the International community to call for a bench of Foreign Judges to sit along with the local Judges to try our army for war crimes. It demeans our Judiciary and our mother Land. Our people will be made to have mistrust in our judicial system if it is done. We know many migrants from Sri Lanka won cases uttering falsehood and got asylum in Western countries. So judgement is doubtful with foreign Judges also’.

Tamil politicians are power crazy. Their struggle for power lasted for more than five decades. The struggle was inconsistent and not genuine. They have good rapport with the leaders of the government but demonize those leaders among the Tamils. They want to rule. They want to rule the North and the East. But they are not capable to do administration. The Northern Provincial Council under TNA is a good example. In Sri Lanka all Sri Lankans have equal rights. But the Tamils are inconvenienced and feel oppressed when the administrators communicate with them in Sinhala language only. If it had been properly approached, the politicians could have solved it long ago. Tamils and Muslims are in an advantageous position of being the King makers of the country. The Tamil leaders exploit it for their own personal advantage. Muslim leaders help their community as well.

DEMOCRACY for the people and by the people has turned into DEMO-CRAZY for POWER -DEMONSTRATION of CRAZINESS for POWER for the politician and by the politicians.
Let the people died in the war REST in PEACE.
Let the people escaped death in the war LIVE in PEACE.
Let us forget the past and move forward with confidence towards peace without licking the war wounds and digging the graves.
 Source: The Sunday Observer

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