Rear Adm Weerasekera blasts govt. for persecuting war heroes

by Dasun Edirisinghe

The government had no moral right to celebrate the Independence Day as it was harassing and insulting the security forces personnel who had defeated terrorism, former deputy minister Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera said yesterday.

Addressing the media at the National Library Auditorium, he said the government was also harassing former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who had led the security forces to victory against the LTTE in spite of international pressure.

"When we celebrate independence, we cannot forget the roles played by the security forces and former President Rajapaksa," Rear Admiral Weerasekera said, adding that all were celebrating Independence today without any fear as security forces had liberated the country from the LTTE.

Weerasekera said the present government was arresting war heroes under the Prevention of Terrorism Act though the PTA was meant to tackle terrorists. The war heroes were now being treated as terrorists, he said.

The government had arrested military intelligence officers in connection with Pradeep Ekneligoda disappearance without any evidence, while it was pardoning and releasing hardcore LTTE cadres, the retired senior naval officer said.

He said that due to expose of military intelligence officers, they and their families were now under threat as the LTTE was operating all over the world though it had been militarily crushed in Sri Lanka in 2009.

The former deputy minister said that details of long rangers of the security forces would be exposed to UNHRC Chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein and his team when they visited Sri Lanka this month.

"This government leaks the military intelligence to the UN which is full of LTTE sympathisers,," Rear Admiral Weerasekera said adding that the government also remove the ban on GTF, eight NGOs and more than 400 people with links to the LTTE to please the TNA and the Tamil diaspora.

Western Provincial Council member Major Pradeep Undugoda said that the pro-LTTE groups overseas such as the GTF were on a project to advance their agenda which they could not do militarily.

He said that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s son had joined the Navy to promote recruitment while youth were refusing to join the army during the war, but now he, too, was being harassed by the government.

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