Day X approaches as MPs prepare to vote for war on Syria

Don’t      Bomb Syria

1) Reports, images and vide on nationwide protests against bombing Syria

Thanks to everyone who came out and demonstrated this weekend. We had a great turnout at very short notice. The message was very clear: Don't Bomb Syria.

As reports, pictures and videos were posted online from around the country, the hashtag #DontBombSyria trended at number one on Twitter for much of the day.

Thousands turned out in London where Whitehall was brought to a halt by the protestors, including many young people. See excellent video here...

Around Britain thousands more held protests despite gales and rain in some places. Cambridge got a message from their local MP while protesting that he opposed airstrikes. There was a protest in North Staffs despite appalling weather. In Manchester, Leeds, Oxford, Norwich and Birmingham there were protests. 

Among those signing the petition on the Stop the War street stall in the tiny village of Lymm in Cheshire was Ian Brown, lead singer of the legendary UK band The Stone Roses.

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