Another step to yet more war as UK sends thousands of troops to the Middle East

Stop the War Coalition 

David Cameron told parliament no ground troops would be deployed to Iraq or Syria, but now 2000 potentially combat-ready troops are being sent to the region.

 PRIME MINISTER David Cameron told parliament last year that he ruled out deploying ground troops in Iraq or Syria. Now it is reported that -- to aid efforts to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS) -- the government is planning to send 2,000 'specialist' troops and a spy plane to Jordan, which borders both countries. 

The UK’s increased involvement follows Jordan’s decision to extend airstrikes from Syria to Iraq -- after ISIS broadcast a video showing the burning alive of captive Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh.
The 2000 UK troops will mainly act in a training capacity. But the same government source said, “A proportion will be ready for force protection purposes if that decision is taken.” In other words, they will be combat-ready.

The reality is, as Patrick Cockburn reported recently, the US and Britain have no strategy for defeating Islamic State. "Nobody in the British political and military establishment has much idea of what is going on in Iraq and Syria or elsewhere in the region," he wrote.
Chris Nineham, from Stop the War Coalition said the deployment of 2000 UK troops was more likely to spread terrorism that avert it:
"If we don't learn the recent history we will keep repeating it, with disastrous results. The military interventions of the last few years have spread terrorism rather than containing it. We are pushing the Middle East into an endless downward spiral of violence. We need a complete break from this approach not another escalation.
Western interventions in Iraq have caused havoc and misery. The best estimates are that half a million civilians were killed as a result of the 2003-2011 Iraq war and occupation. The occupation devastated and divided the country, creating the conditions that have allowed ISIS to grow.
Stop the War calls on the government not to break its word to parliament. The deployments, which have no democratic legitimacy, should be stopped immediately."
But the UK government clearly has learnt nothing from the disastrous foreign interventions in Iraq and Libya, and is intent on taking Britain another step towards yet more war.
See the Stop the War pamphlet written by Andrew Murray, Iraq war III: reasons to break the cycle of endless war

Source: Stop the War Coalition

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